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The Inspiration & Idea 

Into the Sanctum has been an idea I have been kicking around ever since having overwhelmingly positive experiences writing for GrownGaming.com & The Well-Red Mage. Both sites have fantastic people leading the content being delivered and I genuinely consider both John & Red to be very intelligent, kind, thoughtful and gracious people. Working with John & Red made me realise that I would like to run a website of a similar type one day and it was indeed something I thought about more than once in recent years.


Eventually, I decided on the idea surrounding the Knights of the round table. Each writer would have a specific name separate from their online handle. For me, this way of operating added an element of cool geekery that I love. I was already a member of "The Well-Red Mage" community and saw it was a fantastic way of creating an online persona away from the other areas of the internet that the writers are associated with. It could be said that I have used certain elements from TWRM and GrownGaming.com when creating "Into the Sanctum", and this is true.


However, "Into the Sanctum" is a completely different animal altogether and would hope that TWRM & GG would take this as a form of compliment instead of anything else. "Into The Sanctum" was not built to compete with either site and at this stage is nowhere near the level of polish that they have achieved. Essentially one day, if "Into the Sanctum" becomes anywhere near as popular as TWRM & GrownGaming.com I would be a very proud and would rightly credit John and Red for helping me throughout my initial journey creating the site.


The Beginning


Over a series of months, I spoke to many writers and they graciously agreed to provide some content for the website. I thought this was a pipe dream but the closer we came to the launch date the more I realised that it was turning into a reality. The website launched on Wednesday 30th October with a few hiccups. The first noticeable hiccup was a flawed commenting system that did not provide the options I wanted. This was, of course, my fault and I take full responsibility for the comments system on the day of launch being ineffective.


I wanted the option to be able to screen out spam and offensive/abuse comments like most websites tend to do. Later on in that day, I managed to find a plugin that achieved this. It had a spam filter and allowed me to screen the comments. It was, and is, my rigid belief that I would only allow comments that spoke to the source material and critiqued it in one way or another. Personal attacks of any type would simply not be tolerated.  As mentioned in our "feedback" section, we are a group of amateur writers who do this for fun in our spare time. Many of us have day jobs, myself included, and families to care for. No one at Into The Sanctum is being paid in any way for their work and will very likely never be. (Sorry Knights). We try, as I do, to put forward our points of view about forms of media we are all passionate about. If people disagree with those opinions we fully respect that.

I am a believer in constructive criticism that comes from a standpoint of positivity when talking about the work being placed on the website. If comments are put forth for moderation that truly gives insight into different viewpoints on the work presented, then those comments will be shown on the website. If comments are laced with negativity then they will not.


In the end, we are discussing video games & movies. I have a duty to the mental health of the writers (Knights) and indeed myself. We do not deserve to suffer for something that is a hobby which essentially hurts no one.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the writers (Knights) for all of their hard work, support, insights and bravery for allowing me to showcase their work on my site. I will be forever grateful to them.