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Turok 2 : Seeds of Evil - Game Review

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

By Phantom Knight

The very first thing that grabbed my attention before I even started the game was the music. At the start screen, there is an absolutely superb piece of music that really sets the scene for the game you are about to embark upon. In Turok Dinosaur Hunter the music was a positive aspect but it was more tribal in nature. It had, mainly, a beating drum albeit an infectious one for the most part. This time around in Turok 2 Seeds of Evil, the music still has the drum beats but added is an additional sci-fi / electronic bent. This addition really adds to the overall atmosphere within the game especially the story, as this time around there is certainly more emphasis on technology and alien races throughout the universe. To me, the music is perfect for the atmosphere and environment they were trying to create.

The next positive Turok 2 Seeds of Evil displays is, of course, similar to the first game, the traversal. You travel at breakneck speeds at every point of this game. Much like its fore-bearer, Doom, you really can have a lot of fun due to the quickness and fluidity of movement. It never seems arduous or a chore to move around. In many respects, it is very much like you are on a fairground ride except you control the direction.

Moving onto the weaponry involved in Turok 2, it certainly is a massive upgrade from what went before. You have staple weapons like a pistol, shotgun, bow & arrow but this time there are upgrades to certain ones. For example, your melee weapon this time around is a claw that attaches to your hand whereas later on in the game you gain an upgraded version which is a variation and is more like Wolverines claws or Baraka's blades from Mortal Kombat. It is a great addition to the game and one I really enjoyed. Another excellent example of this is an upgraded shotgun called the shredder which essentially fires shotgun rounds but also sends ricochet around killing or harming all other enemies. Perfect for close quarters and a real literal blast to use. Sticking with weaponry it would be poor of me to go through every one giving chapter and verse but the weapon that stands out against all others has to be the gruesome, cerebral bore. This weapon fires a heat-seeking drill bit that attaches itself to the skull of enemies, boring into it, causing all sorts of gore to spew everywhere. A truly devastating weapon and one that really increases the enjoyment of the game.

In terms of narrative, it is similar to the first game, something has gone amiss in the universe and it is up to you, Turok, to keep the peace and protect the universe. With you on your journey is Adon, a member of the Lazarus concordance. She details your mission which is to defeat the Primagen. The Primagen is an evil overlord type, awakened by the events of the first game (cool or what), currently trapped on his lightship. He has released his minions into 5 zones or areas to destroy the energy totems that are powering his imprisonment aboard his ship. If he escapes it means destruction for the entire universe. This obviously can't happen so in steps you, Joshua Fireseed the new Turok.

The zones are, The Port of Adia, The River of Souls, The Death Marshes, Lair of the Blind Ones & Hive of the Mantids. The final area and battle take place aboard the Primagen's Lightship. Each area has a specific aesthetic which dictates the type of enemies and atmosphere. At this stage think "The Crystal Maze" as this is a very apt way of describing the type of areas you encounter. Each area is unique but is essentially governed by the same mechanics, kill everything and defend the energy totems. Strangely it is a fairly simple concept but it executed in a way that really keeps you drawn in. The use of warp portals within levels mean that you are never bored and exploring is just as much a part of the game as is death and destruction.

Talking about enemies, they are fairly varied but go along the main theme. This game is of course based upon Turok Dinosaur Hunter so there are a fairly large array of dinosaur enemies in this game. Furthermore, the altered/evolved dinosaurs now have technology on their side fighting back with their own weaponry.

When it comes to negatives there aren't really many for me to speak of. The fact you can save your game whenever you want is a great addition when compared to the original N64 game. However many gamers these days are used to auto-saves and this is something that is sadly missing. Once you get yourself into the mindset of saving regularly it doesn't present much of a problem but I can see it irritating some. Auto Aim is another function that has been missed and is something some people may take issue with. I personally found the weapons easy enough to aim with and don't consider it a problem at all from my own perspective but some may pine for its inclusion.

Overall Turok 2 Seeds of Evil is a fantastic shooter that still holds up in terms of sheer fun and enjoyment. If you want a game that you can jump into for 30 minutes or even two hours this game will satisfy both of those urges and more. The pace, weaponry and music are high points here and I recommend this game wholeheartedly to anyone who enjoys the FPS genre.

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Completion time - Between 10 - 15 hours

Cost - £15.79

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