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The Midnight at SWG3

Glasgow, 10th November 2019

By The Polyphonic Knight

© G.Kay - twitter.com/Kaytar90

SWG3's warehouse was bathed in a sea of neon pink, purple and blue light, oozing a retro aesthetic, filled with a sold-out crowd hyped to see The Midnight perform their first Scottish gig.

Support came from Violet Days, an electro-pop group from Sweden fronted by vocalist Lina Hansson. The group gave a strong performance and grabbed the audience's attention with a cover of Alphaville's Forever Young. Their live show has a much more developed, richer sound than the recordings, which feel quite stripped back in comparison. The standout song was Ink which features a great vocal melody in the chorus.

The excellent soundtrack of the 2011 film Drive starring Ryan Gosling takes a share of the credit for the resurgence in popularity of the 1980s inspired electronic music – bringing synthwave / retrowave (and an ever-evolving wave of subgenres) to a mainstream audience.

Much of the earlier musical output within the synthwave genre featured instrumental music. However, The Midnight are part of a trend towards incorporating vocals and more traditional popular music structures into their songwriting, and in turn, their mainstream popular appeal.

© G.Kay - twitter.com/Kaytar90

To say that The Midnight pay homage to 80s music and culture is a bit of an understatement. From producer Tim McEwan's bold fashion choice in the form of a pastel pink windbreaker to the prominent saxophone solos throughout their songs (which completely stole the show) – this is pure pastiche brilliance, and it works so well.

It took vocalist Tyler Lyle the duration of the first song to properly find his voice, but after this point, he absolutely nailed the rest of the set. The sound within the venue was well mixed with every synthesizer note, guitar solo and lyric heard clearly. Big reverb-laden drums with even bigger vocal hooks were out in full force as the group played through a selection from their four albums. Songs such as Jason, Vampires, Los Angeles featured, ending with Sunset which was accompanied by the whole crowd singing the chorus...

'sunset, no regrets, first chance last dance, stuck in the middle'

The Midnight create modern pop songs packaged into unashamed 80s nostalgia. Palm trees and driving at night vibes aplenty. Here's hoping they're back again soon.

The Polyphonic Knight

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