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Terminator Resistance Video Game Review

By Phantom Knight

Terminator Resistance

Dev - Teyon

Publisher - Reef Entertainment

Current Price - Game UK £27.99

Terminator as a movie franchise has always been a favourite of mines despite some of the horrible missteps taken after Terminator 2. Teyon took it upon themselves, in partnership with Reef Entertainment, to provide a Terminator game that upon first glance gives a preface to the movies, or is it more of a sequel? When time travel is involved you can never be sure. Let's see how Terminator Resistance faired shall we?


Unfortunately, the graphics showcased by Terminator Resistance are not the best of this generation. To be truthful they seem to be, for the most part, very similar to the start of this gen or the end of the previous. It's not an entirely ugly game by any stretch of the imagination but it certainly, when compared with some other current-gen FPS's it, does not hold up well.

Terminator animations are a little stiff and at times they seem to glide across the screen. In addition, they look as though they have some sort of cloaking mechanism shrouding them from time to time. This effect makes aiming shots, well, cumbersome and problematic to say the least. With that said you are given plenty of opportunities to lay the smackdown on the machines and overall the immersion was not broken too much especially when some of the other aspects come into play that I will mention later.

Texture maps do take a while to load in but during my playthrough of Jedi Fallen Order, it was far more pronounced so who knows what's going on here. Weapon skins, for the most part, look the real deal and the Skynet plasma rifle has all the hallmarks of the movie which was really satisfying. The draw distance is not something that I can really comment on here as the game is very much up close and personal. What I can say is that the desolate wasteland that Teyon has produced here is a positive one and stays close to what you would expect having watched the movies.


One of the best aspects of the game in my opinion and it really nails the feeling you should gain from experiencing a Terminator game. Reactive sound is evident especially when Terminators spot you, this really adds to the immersion and since it borrows from Brad Fidels superb T2 soundtrack it makes it all the more powerful.

The threat inducing music when you are hiding from and trying to escape from Terminators in an early part of the game is one of the best experiences I've had all year.

Really excellent music here and a true masterstroke in terms of making you feel like you are part of the Terminator universe.

Sound / Voice

Sound is a little hit n miss here. The plasma rifles sound superb and are identical to the movies. They really have that punch that makes it sound completely futuristic on one hand and completely devasting on the other. Further weapon sounds are either good or passable. They, in my opinion, could have been improved to make them either bite a little more or make them more pleasing on the ears. Reload sounds, for example, were not that satisfying and should have been an element that was put high up on the list of priorities considering the visuals were never going to be truly AAA.

Voice acting here was a pleasant surprise. The main protagonist was, in my opinion, a little disappointing but the rest of the cast really carried the narrative along nicely. All seemed plausible and brought charm to the game, again very much in keeping with the tone of the movies.


Standard FPS action here and nothing at all to write home about. I mentioned before that the graphics could be classified as last-gen and the gameplay could be put in that same box.

The inventory system is functional but in no way fluid. It feels like there is no weight to it at all which can give off a cheaper feel to the game. The lock picking system is another element of the game that seems to have been lifted from another. In this case, Bethesda's Fallout series. It looks identical and more of an effort could have been made to change this dynamic.

Traversal can be slow and strafing movement is cumbersome. It lacks the fluidity of Doom or Borderlands but gets by due to the subject matter. You are fighting the Terminators for god sake and it's up to you to save mankind!

Immersion hits a number of highs and some lows. It absolutely soars when the music chimes in and the Terminators are hunting you down. I was genuinely teleported back in time to when I watched Terminator and Terminator 2. I could feel the anxiety and nervousness those movies conveyed as I tried to avoid detection from the T-800's. Absolutely joyous moments that really made me sit up and take notice.

The game's pacing tended to be off from time to time due to poorly executed use of an XP system that needed either an overhaul or some serious tweaking. At times you are hugely overpowered being able to lay waste to literally anything that's lies in front of you, then at others, you are drastically underpowered and feel like you didn't know it was coming.

This game soars when it hits the sweet spot where there is a genuine fear of harm from the machines but you still have the means to bust some tin cans if the chips were down. Truly excellent at times and a bit of let down at others.

Final Thoughts

Overall I would thoroughly recommend this game, but, to true fans of the movies only. A younger gamer who has not grown up with the movies as part of their lives may find this game too cumbersome and poorly executed.

Personally, I loved it. It's the type of game that has flaws but reminds me of a simpler time in my gaming life where action, threat and a linear narrative was the popular way to go.

Advice: Buy if you are a fan of the movies

Phantom Knight

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