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Snowpiercer - Movie Review

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

By Endless Knight

Snowpiercer is a Korean film adaptation of the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige and stars Chris Evans as protagonist Curtis Everett, a resident in the rear section of a massive locomotive circumnavigating a dystopic, ice-aged Earth void of any outside life. When Curtis and fellow residents of the rear orchestrate an elaborate coupe to overthrow security with the goal of reaching the front of the train and usurping absolute control, a violent and blood-soaked revolution begins in this spectacular work of dystopian sci-fi.

I love Korean film, from what I have seen of it, and this film is a great example, and will most certainly not be the last time I cover Korean film in my reviews. It's grim, gritty, violent as hell and everything you want and need in a confined, claustrophobic post-apocalyptic story taking place in a setting so perfectly suited for linear storytelling it works per its niche with flying colours.

What Snowpiercer brings to the table, is a plot brilliantly personified by its protagonist. Curtis embodies the furiously vigilant drive of the narrative, and it is one of my favourite Evans performances. The intensity he forces into every scene is drenched in desperation meets boundless rage as he approaches his inevitable target- the engine. There is one monologue towards the latter half of the movie, and it is effortlessly one of the most chilling, gut-churning monologues I have ever experienced in a movie, and Evans is top of his game here with every word.

I love this flick. Wish I had seen it on the big screen, but it does shine on Blu Ray, and also includes a very cool animated precursor to the film, so I highly recommend it to fans of comic book and dystopic sci-fi movies.

Endless Knight

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