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Skyrim - A Retrospective

By Phantom Knight

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is on many different platforms, even Alexa, but it was on the PS3 that I made my first journey to that snowy filled area of Tamriel. Firstly, I can understand the humour behind the constant porting of Skyrim but the reason the game continues to be enjoyed on many platforms is that it is one of the finest video games ever made. That and it continues to sell well.

If we break Skyrim down into its components such as graphics, narrative, sound, music etc. It comes out positively on all of them. Yes, it was buggy at launch but many games are and will continue to be even although video game devs have a much larger budget to play with these days in comparison. During my hundreds of hours with Skyrim on the Ps3, I experienced many glitches but very few crashes. Some experienced the opposite but this is my experience and I can only speak to that.

Skyrim is different from many other games available right now. It is one of a very few games that manages to tie together story and emotion, in addition to the constant urge to explore. For me, the best thing about Skyrim were the side quests. The main story was, of course, good but not groundbreaking.

The side quests, on the other hand, were filled with a level of writing, intrigue and wonder that really stood out from many other games. The Thieves Guild, Brotherhood & College of Winterhold series of quests falling in line with my favourite parts of Skyrim. This is where the game soared and really brought me into the world of Tamriel and in particular Skyrim. They made me feel like I was part of a very intricate world that truly jived together with the other story elements on offer. I spent hours on those quest lines and really immersed myself in the world that Bethesda Game Studios had meticulously created.

Jeremy Soule has featurely negatively in the gaming industry recently but his talent is clear, especially during his Skyrim sessions. He created one of the finest soundtracks ever created and for me, it is one of the main reasons the game soars above others. Many times over the years have I spent countless hours listening to those soundscapes and themes. I imagine it will be doubtful that he will pick up the baton for The Elder Scrolls 6, but I truly hope they manage to pick a composer who can continue the same emotional journey that The Elder Scrolls games provide.

Another aspect of Skyrim that is not mentioned much when people talk about it is just how stunning the game can be. Some of the vista's and scenery/cinematography on show are astounding. For some, it may seem dated but to me, it still fills me with awe at certain points. Many times during my first playthrough did I stand and admire the visuals it offered up. Over the years since I have performed the same action on many occasions. The special edition for PS4 and the VR edition are such instances. Superb scenery and a true mechanism for teleporting gamers to that world.

Will Skyrim be Bethesda's swansong? Who knows, All I know is that even if their future content doesn't hit the mark, for whatever reason, I am happy in the knowledge that they managed to create Skyrim. I am certainly a much more content gamer having experienced it.

What are your thoughts on Skyrim?

Phantom Knight