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Playstation 5 - Gaming Article

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

By Onion Knight

It’s on its way, everyone! Time to start saving the pennies for Christmas 2020… Now that Sony has officially announced that its next-gen console, aptly named the Playstation 5, is going to land at the end of 2020; I thought that I would start drilling down into what we know so far as well as what my own personal expectations will be.

Let us start with the specifications of the machine. We don’t know a huge amount as yet but the PS5 will utilise a bespoke 8-Core AMD chipset based on Ryzen, the GPU is a custom AMD Navi (thankfully not the annoying sidekick from Zelda) that supports Ray Tracing, an SSD (Solid State Drive) storage system, 8k TV support & 3D Audio. This has all been confirmed by Sony “bigwig” Mark Cerny. So, what exactly does all this mean? In essence, the main structure of the PS5 isn’t all too dissimilar from that of the “Project Scarlet” console (Microsoft’s next foray into the console market) which is also going to be released at the same time. However, this is generally the case with new tech competitors and the so-called “console wars” is generally won and lost on exclusive games rather than the hardware anyway.

Sony’s new machine will inevitably have better graphics, higher resolution, more encapsulating sound, but all of this you would expect from a technical step up. A key upgrade is the SSD which should decrease load and install times dramatically, in some instances only being a matter of seconds before you can jump straight in and play that shiny new game you have just bought. What I am personally excited about is the reverse compatibility that Sony has included for the first time since the original PS3’s where released (they later did away with this in later models, preferring to release the previous games as digital downloads for some extra KA-CHING!!) and has been sorely missed since. However, it remains to be seen if it will be the whole PS4 library of physical games or just a portion of it. Will it be ready from day one or will it be incremental as they gradually add it in? Also, what about the PS1, PS2, or PS3? There is no news yet as to whether these will be supported.

Another area of intrigue is the confirmed changes to the new controller which I am positive will be called a Dualshock 5, the vibration function as we have known it for many years has now been done away with and replaced with Haptic feedback. So, what is Haptic feedback? A quote from the website Ultrahaptics.com states “Haptic feedback (often shortened to just haptics) changes this by simulating the sense of touch. Not only can you touch a computer or other device, but the computer can touch you back.” In theory then, a more immersive sensation of feedback from the controller which will help stimulate an extra sense in the form of touch rather than focusing on sight and sound via the screen.

At this stage, there isn’t a lot more that has been released/confirmed and even early guesses at a price are sketchy at best, ranging from £350 right up to £700! One thing is for sure though, we will be slowly drip-fed more and more over the next 12 months to really get that hype train a rumbling. The one certainty that I can take from this though is that it is going to be an exciting time for gamers over the next 12 months.

The Nintendo Switch is just hitting its stride, Sony and Microsoft will be going head to head again with new hi-tech powerhouse consoles, VR is not going away anytime soon and will only be getting better, Google has decided to enter the fray with there streaming-only Stadia and Apple…well Apple are doing something on mobile platforms that….well I am not quite sure where it is headed really??

I am prepared to buy my hype train ticket and ready to jump aboard the wave of expectation. Christmas 2020 cannot come quick enough!!

Onion Knight

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