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Oivo Nintendo Switch VR Headset

Sanctum Hardware Review

By Phantom Knight Many thanks to Oivo who provided the Switch VR headset for review here at The Sanctum. Oivo is a company that specialises in peripherals for a number of consoles in the current gaming market. Please check out their website and twitter account for further information.

Straight off the bat, I must be clear that this is an entry-level VR device and in no way is a substitute for a real Virtual Reality device like the PSVR, Oculus or other such VR unit. With that said if you have a Nintendo Switch and are looking to sample the wonderful and worthwhile, in my opinion, delights of VR then this simple set up could be for you. The build of the device is relatively solid and is made of fabric and soft foam rubber. The headset enables the user to place the switch on the front end and the lenses along with the software do the work. A very important point must be made moving forward, this VR headset has a limited number of games and platforms that support its use. Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda BOTW, Super Smash Bros, Nintendo Labo & some videos on YouTube are your lot at the moment. It remains to be seen whether or not Nintendo will continue to support this aspect of its big game releases but I would be hopeful they do.

The headset itself is comfortable to use and the build quality is reasonable considering the price point. It's not the most comfortable headset but is much lighter and the freedom you are given is greater than that of other VR units due to no wires being needed. The performance in games such as Zelda BOTW took me by surprise as I didn't expect much for 29.99. Don't get me wrong, it's not a superb high def experience but I did get a fair amount of enjoyment from it. Is this the type of headset you could play long gaming sessions with? The short answer here is no, it is comfortable up to a point but wearing anything on your face for more than an hour isn't really appealing to me. If you are looking to play BOTW for 2 hours plus I'd say that using the headset is not the best way to go and using the Switch either on you Tv or handheld is still the preferred way to play for long periods of time.

For example, when using the VR within Zelda the screen size is reduced to a circular field of vision that shrinks when heavy movement is enacted. This, as far as I'm aware, is down to two things, one is processing power and the other is an attempt to avoid motion sickness. In regards to the later, I never had any problems with this unit and this is coming from someone who has had some pretty dodgy motion sickness experiences with PSVR (DriveClub could easily be used as some sort of torture device haha).

As a novelty, it works and especially for younger adults id say it is a portal for them to experience a very limited version of VR without the huge price tag other units have. Advice: Buy, but know that it is limited and will only work with a handful of games that support its use.

Phantom Knight

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