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Game of the Year - Knights Choice

2019 has been no different to years gone by for games in terms of quantity and quality. There have been many releases this year, with many epic titles amongst them. Detailed below are short excerpts from a number of writers here at "into the sanctum". Bear in mind that not all writers will have played every game available this year.

Each GOTY pick is based on each writers experience with the games in question and it is completely down to their own subjective choice.

Phantom Knight - GOTY Choice - Death Stranding

From the get-go, when I heard Hideo Kojima was at the helm for a brand new game outside of the Metal Gear franchise I was excited beyond measure. Over the years I have amassed hundreds of hours on the Metal Gear games and took from them some of my favourite gaming memories. I was confident that Mr Kojima would again deliver an experience that I would enjoy.

To be completely truthful, Death Stranding was not the game I was expecting but certainly turned into the game I was hoping for. It is a game that dug deep into my psyche, I constantly thought about the game when not playing it, coming up with strategies for the building aspect or speculating on where the story might go.

The bonkers storyline aside, which did keep me gripped was one thing but the addictive building and connecting aspect of the game coupled with the immensely satisfying multiplayer element took me by surprise and certainly provided me with huge levels of enjoyment.

Is this game for everyone, certainly not, but it is a game I will remember for a very long time indeed.

Until the next Kojima game, I guess ill just "keep on, keeping on"

Phantom Knight


Lucky Knight - GOTY Choice - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro, simply put, is a divisive game. It’s one that both the casual gamers and Soulsborne veterans alike can’t seem to agree whether it’s a solid addition to the From Software franchise or a total failure. During some boss fights, I’ve even found myself questioning the developers’ genius.

But after giving Sekiro more time, I’ve determined that this is a fantastic game. From the snow-capped mountains to the chilling depths below, it is a game that offers a satisfying mixture of beauty and terror. And while this game does follow in the footsteps of its predecessors with solid character design, From Soft took a new direction with some of their enemies and bosses, presenting new challenges to even veteran players.

Perhaps the biggest change-up to the gameplay has been the combat with the single katana and rigid parry system. While it can be frustrating in the beginning, the back-and-forth soon becomes second nature and the fights more fluid. It’s a demanding game that forces you to "git gud" in the truest sense. In the end, the devs took a few chances on this game, and I’m glad they did. It’s been a fun experience and stands as my personal Game of the Year.

Lucky Knight

Why Sekiro Won Game of the Year - Further Thoughts from Lucky Knight


Drowsy Knight - GOTY Choice - Control

For nearly 20 years Remedy has developed some of the finest action-adventure games. From Max Payne to Quantum Break the developers have found ways to tell compelling stories and take something ordinary and turn it extraordinary. No game in their catalogue is more evident of this than Control. It’s an accumulation of everything that made their previous games excellent.

The combat system is nearly perfect with not only exceptional third-person shooting but the implementation of supernatural abilities elevate every combat scenario into a beautiful ballet of carnage. Using Jesse’s telekinesis against her foes is immensely satisfying and unlocking new abilities is an absolute joy.

The game's narrative is equally impressive. The level of lore and world-building within Control is frankly mind-blowing. The countless collectables and environmental clues scattered around every corner of The Oldest House will lead you down an unforgettable rabbit hole of insanity. I would be remiss not to take a minute and talk about The Oldest House, the game's sole location. What seems as a mundane office building quickly turns into pure nightmare fuel were you never feel safe. It’s ever-shifting corridors and endless mysteries lead to some of the most fascinating story moments I have ever experience in video games. 

Drowsy Knight


Thanks to everyone for all your support during the launch of "Into the Sanctum", on behalf of the writers we hope you have enjoyed the content released so far and can happily say this is just a drop in the ocean. Heres hoping there will be similar good times ahead in 2020.

Knights of the Sanctum