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Game of the Decade

Collaboration article by Lucky and Phantom Knights respectively,

Lucky Knight


Choosing a game of the decade seems a bit impossible, and honestly, my game of choice will probably change within a few weeks or a month. But with so many of my friends taking a go at Bloodborne for the very first time, I have been reminded why this game is so good.

For several years, From Software had focused their efforts on the Souls series. Gamers knew what to expect from these titles, and in 2015, we never could have imagined what was coming next. Bloodborne is equal parts breathtaking and gruesome. As fog curls through the woods and gothic city streets, it can be nearly impossible to see what beasts lurk in the shadows ahead.

The course of gameplay takes you through once-proud churches and murky swamps where you’ll fight everything from werewolf-type creatures to the very worst Lovecraftian horrors you can imagine. The combat is brutal and challenging if you’re not careful, but it can also be highly rewarding if given the chance. And if you’re feeling particularly brave, you can venture into the Old Hunter’s DLC where the real challenge begins.

To this day, Bloodborne is unlike any other From Soft release, and ultimately, it’s unlike anything else we’ve ever seen.

Lucky Knight

Do you agree with Lucky?

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Phantom Knight

The Last of Us

In my mind, this was not really a tough choice because of the impact this game had on me during my first playthrough. It was a moment of awakening when I realised that for the first time, at least in my experience, the gaming industry bridged that gap between gaming and film.

My favourite type of game is where the story/narrative is front and centre and The Last of Us certainly shines as a single-player story mode game. As a game, many will debate whether it is the best of the decade but little, I'd imagine, would disagree to its impact within the gaming world.

It took all aspects of an award-winning piece of cinema and slid in an interactive experience. The tension within the game at moments is some of the best I have experienced and very much jived with the landscape and popularity of zombie movies.

The music, cinematography, sound, voice, motion capture acting and script were all excellent culminating in my favourite single-player experience of the decade.

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What's your game of the decade?

Phantom Knight