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Exile Squadron by One Bit Studio

I was contacted by One Bit Studio on the 3rd of November, a few days after "Into The Sanctum" had launched asking if I would cover their latest game. I can appreciate the plight of a small dev trying to make their way in the world so I agreed to look into their new sci-fi arcade shooter.

Exile Squadron is very similar to games like R - Type, ThunderForce 2, Einhander & more recently Sine Mora. It is a sci-fi arcade shooter which is very much in the retro gaming mould. The graphics evident are not as refined and slick as some of the games that are available in today's market, however, this seems to very much be on purpose. Exile Squadron decides to stick to an older retro vibe and this works in its favour here. Exile squadron pays homage to those superb classic arcade games mentioned earlier with its gameplay, looks, music and overall feel.

Upon starting the game it did, for a fleeting moment take me back to a simpler time when all you had to do was stick a game cart into a machine and hit the power button. The story involves saving Earth from a colonial invasion and as such means its all-out action from the get-go. With games of this type upgrades are the order of the day and this game has huge scope for just that precise element. Primary, secondary and special weapons are all available and give a nice variety of play. Keyboard controls are exactly as you would expect but controller support is also an option here which is a bonus to be sure.

One element that always struck me with games of this type was the music and Exile Squadron is no different. Due to the sci-fi nature of the game, the soundtrack is very much based in the electronic / synth genre and really does tick all the boxes. Very addictive listening to be sure. The gameplay is fast and frenetic and harkens back to those older days where you start with 3 lives and when they are up it is literally game over. This, strangely enough, did not frustrate me as much as I thought it would and add to the gaming experience.

The cool visuals, booming soundtrack and quick pace meant whenever you met your demise it only took seconds to get back on the horse. I enjoyed my time with Exile Squadron and it is definitely the type of game you can jump into for a quick ten minutes here or there in addition to longer play sessions. Check the game out on Steam with the link below or visit the dev website for further information on Exile Squadron and any other titles they have in their back catalogue.

Steam Link

One Bit Studio Developer Website

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