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Console Wars - What a Waste of Energy

Phantom Knight

Recently I have become very disillusioned by a lot of the discourse taking place in respect of the gaming industry. With that said there are many superb people out there who champion gaming and above all else have a level of common sense that would always rise above any type of petty discussions such as "which console is better". I have made some real genuine friends during my time commenting and writing about the games industry. This article/blog is not about them but instead about the subculture of trolling and negativity that seems to have infected what once was a great thing...social media.

My issue is with the negativity surrounding “The Console Wars”. More and more I find it completely distasteful and question many people's motivations to open the discussion up. It's easy to get involved, just unknowingly pick a side online and you are instantly labelled a “fanboy". This happens almost instantly if you say one thing positive about one system when compared to another. Even actual technical facts about a consoles performance compared to another can be enough for you to be socially castrated. It is at this juncture that I, for sure, have had enough.

With social media, it is evident that all platforms tilt towards negative content in a fairly extreme way. The reason being that controversy and negative emotions are the type of things that people respond to more than the positive. If you take some time to think about it, it is fairly clear and one might even say common sense, even although common sense is a myth but that's a whole other conversation.

If you have someone tell you that you performed a task well the emotional impact of that feels good but if you are told that you performed a task poorly the emotional impact or force is much heavier. From my reading/podcasting online it seems that there is some psychological truth to this.

Whos better, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC……

…..the real question should be, which do you prefer?

Let's face it video games have not been placed on this earth to provide some magical educational tool where mankind can play games to unlock and find truths about life, its origins and future.

They are a form of entertainment which can provide many people with huge amounts of enjoyment. I for one am firmly in the stress relief camp and use games to vent the frustrations of everyday life. They provide me with that much-needed escapism that let me recharge the batteries for one more day of work, bill's and getting up early.

For many others, there are other reasons for gaming. Many play games online with their friends or they like the competition element and play for that component. To me the whole question of console wars is childish and as such should be contained to that environment. The sheer number of "grown-ups" online constantly having a pop at another group of people because they prefer one gaming system over another is just idiotic. It's time the human race took a huge leap forward and grew up in this regard.

Well, it's been a while since I've had a rant and this one felt good.

Feel free to pillory, slag off, cancel, block, mute, or whatever other "woke" phrase is flavour of the month for "disagreeing" in the comments section below. 😃

Phantom Knight