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Call of Duty: Warzone - 10 tips that may save your skin...

A few fellow gamers & I have logged a decent number of hours in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Below, you will find our collective thoughts....so far.

1. Pick a loadout and stick with it. One of my early mistakes was picking many weapons and not focusing on one set. This made me a little underpowered when going into matches in terms of speed which is my preferred style. Essentially pick a weapon you are comfortable with and stick with it. Grinding with this weapon will essentially mean you will be very well prepared for future battles.

2. Pick a loadout that matches your playstyle. If you prefer heavier weapons like LMG's and shotguns stick with those, if you prefer to be more lightweight go for assault rifles / SMGs.

3. Stick together. Teamwork is key as is your method of communication. Make sure your team are all able to converse through the use of a headset and mic.

4. When you get a squad of friends together you need to pick a strategy and all work towards it. Anyone who goes off on their own is letting the team down and will probably end up getting fragged by another team.

5. Be savvy with your perks. If you pick a weapon with a low ammo haul eg. 20 round mag. Perhaps go for a quick reload or one-shot perk to help mitigate this.

6. Use the heartbeat sensor, this can be a great tool. Especially if you can find one in the battle royale mode. Almost identical to the device in Aliens it sends out a radar wave illustrating the location of enemies in relation to your position. A very handy tool indeed.

7. Always use cover. Running out in the open should be a last resort. Using the sniper rifle can be difficult but others are surgeons with it so beware.

8. Remember to reload your armour. Sometimes the excitement of an exchange in which you lose some or all of your armour can stop you from concentrating on one main aspect, protection. The only thing between you and the gulag or respawn point is your wits and armour. Make sure you load it.

9. Share your resources. When dropping “into the shit” you will all have adequate time, if you are careful, to collect some resources. For example, if you have spare armour share it with your team. This can be invaluable and speaks to the “team” element of the game.

10. Try to pick a sensible landing zone, There is absolutely no point rushing into the centre of the map unless you want a hard-ass battle from the get-go. Slow and steady especially during “Battle Royale” is the way to go.

Shout out to my squad buddies, Darth Lug, CnlCannon and Big G for the Warzone experience.


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