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A Movie Knight Ghostbusters

Having recently watched the new Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer I have to admit I'm disappointed. Now I don't expect everyone to agree with me but what I wanted in Ghostbusters 3 was well Ghostbusters. What we seem to be getting is Stranger Things with a Ghostbusters paint job. Don't be fooled this isn't a film for fans of the original this is a kids movie for kids.

That said I had my own ideas on what direction I would have gone for a Ghostbusters sequel. I guess it's just fanfic but here's a Movie Knight Sequel that never was...

Set in the present day where paranormal activity is a thing of the past. A large 'Event' has happened during the mid-nineties, which resulted in the eradication of all things paranormal. This event also caused the disappearance of Egon Spengler and the death of Peter Venkman. Something that Ray has blamed himself for. This also, in turn, lead to Ray and Winston drifting apart.

During the last 20 years, Winston has become a professor of Paranormal History while Ray has returned to his book store. Due to his guilt at the death of Peter and the disappearance of Egon he has Peter's stepson, Oscar, and Egon's daughter, Megan, working at the shop with him. When Winston is approached by one of his old students (Trish) and her friend (Connor) with a claim of an apparition in an old abandoned underground, he decides his old friend has to see the evidence too.

After bringing the video evidence to Ray we learn that Ray still owns the old ghost house, due to nobody willing to buy it from him. We return to the old ghostbusters HQ to find it dilapidated and all the old equipment just gathering dust. They grab a PKE meter and an old trap and with the help of Trish and Connor head off to the old Underground.

Upon reaching their destination the PKE meter slowly begins to react going wilder and wilder. Upon entering the old underground they spot the apparition and just as it spots them we notice that there's not just one, but hundreds of thousands. All the ghosts come rushing towards the team flying straight through them and out into the world. The team rush back to Oscar and Megan at HQ where Ray and Winston grab their old proton packs quickly realising they are not as young as they used to be. The packs are just to damn heavy for two old men and it's at this point Oscar, Megan, Trish and Connor suggest that they take them.

Soon after, we get the obligatory montage of the Ghostbusters coming back. With Ecto 1 having been left gathering rust we need a replacement which comes in the form of an old fire truck. Ray will also have some strange goings-on around him mostly pranks and a creepy voice calling his name...by the end, it will turn out to be the ghost of Venkman, who will explain to Ray that it wasn't his fault that he died. Peter was possessed and to try and save him Ray sprayed him with slime...far too much slime. Peter reassures Ray that he was already gone long before Ray slimed him, giving Ray closure and ridding him of guilt.

There is also a "big bad" to be dealt with, I'll admit I haven't given this much thought so feel free to add your own. Perhaps some kids who steal Ecto 1 and joyride it through a field in a small town or alternate universe female ghostbusters who are out to ruin the rep of the Ghostbuster brand, the choice is yours.

By the end of the film after defeating the 'big bad' back at HQ the Ghostbusters will still be wondering what brought the ghosts back, just then a portal will open where Slimer flies out and a young buff guy with glasses and very familiar hair walks through, it's Egon! (think Chris Hemsworth in GB 2016 but rather than being an idiot he's Egon) Egon explains that he was pulled into an alternate dimension where he merged with a younger buffer version of himself and that as far as he's aware it's been just a few months since the 'Event' and it was also him who opened the rift bringing himself and the ghosts back. As everyone is gathered around Egon the phone rings Trish answers and interrupts the reunion “Erm..guys..do we bust ghosts in L.A?”

Roll credits.

This ending does two things...opens up the franchise for spin-offs and if it were to get a sequel you could explain the absence of Ray and Winston as they are off expanding the Ghostbusters as a nationwide service.

This is just a rough outline of where I would go and there is much more that can be added the inclusion of Louis Tully, Dana and Janine. More interactions between Ray, Winston and ghost Venkman etc.

Where would you have liked to see a sequel go? Or do you have faith in what we are getting? Feel free to let us know.

~ Movie Knight

“I ain't afraid of no ghost”