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5 on 5 - Episode 2 - Movie Knight

5 on 5 is a gaming series where we hear from the Knights regarding some of their favourite games across 5 systems.

This time round Movie Knight steps up to the plate and takes a swing.

California Games – Sega Master System II

This is just pure childhood nostalgia. Made up of 6 mini-games Half-pipe, Roller skating, Surfing, BMX, Footbag and the Flying Disk. I can't tell you how many hours I spent mastering each of those mini-games, I say mastering the mini-games it was more a mastering of the LAG between pressing a button (of which there weren't many) and watching the blocks on screen shift slightly. It was probably most prominent during the footbag but the sense of accomplishment after I mastered it has never been matched. It's safe to say this is the game that wore out my controller, and back in those days getting a replacement wasn't as easy as jumping online...I miss that little console and the hours of fun I had mastering California sports that I could never do in real life.

Crash Bandicoot – PS1

Another nostalgia trip for this one. This was my first foray into the world of 3D platforming, and even now as I write this I get that feeling of awe and excitement I had when I first booted it up. For the time the graphics were astounding, although the levels were linear it was an amazing sight to see. Running around the 3D environment as a little orange Bandicoot was the future of gaming. With the recent release of the remake on PS4, even with it's updated graphics, couldn't capture the excitement of that first playthrough on the PS1.

The Getaway – PS2

One of the early GTA clones to hit the market but this was no GTA. Set in an almost perfect recreation of London the game was split into two parts. The first was an ex Gangster who's been dragged back into the business and the second half as the police officer tasked with bringing him in. With its realism both in tone and graphics, this was a big step up in looks compared to the previous years GTA 3. The cutscenes and the characters had a realistic look that clearly must have been the inspiration for 2011's L.A. Noire. Although by today's standards there was very little to do in this open world, in fact outside the main story there wasn't anything to do aside from exploring London in all its PS2 graphics glory, the main story was engaging enough to have me come back for more playthroughs.

Dead Rising – Xbox 360

It's no secret that I love all things zombie that includes the Romero classic Dawn of the Dead. So what was a guy to do when a zombie game set in a mall gets announced? I will confess I never properly completed this game mainly because I was distracted by all the zombie-slaying and the many options of doing soo. Taking photos to earn PP and slaying zombies with all manner of tools from katanas and machine guns to golf clubs and TVs. The variety on option here was almost endless and it was just a whole load of endless fun and a few Easter eggs thrown in to boot just a great time to be had for zombie lovers and gamers alike.

No Man's Sky – PS4

A divisive game for most upon release, as it was clearly not the game that was advertised to us, however, if that's your only argument then you can't have been gaming for long, what game doesn't get a downgrade on release. Despite this, though I loved this game from day one just the scope of it should have been enough to keep people invested. And for those of us who have stuck around you will have noticed that developers Hello Games have stuck around too. If you pick up this game today you'll have a completely different introduction to the game than those of us who were there on day one. Hello Games are the developer that keeps on giving. This game is ideal for those that just need to switch off after a long day, just boot up the game and hop into one of your several starships, pick a planet and explore. Pick several planets the choice is yours...It's an entire universe for you to settle into and be whatever you want to be and that's what keeps pulling me back in an entire universe where I can forget about my real-world troubles and just let the game take you on a journey.

Those are my 5 games on 5 consoles that have left an impression on me over the years but believe me there are many many more.

Movie Knight

Stay Tuned for more episodes of 5 Games - 5 Systems coming soon.