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5 Games I want on PS5

By Phantom Knight

Like most gamers out there I am giddy with excitement when it comes to the launch of a new console. I have been mainly a PlayStation gamer all my life with only sporadic dips into other systems. For me, the PlayStation offers the best gaming experience and I will be continuing this tradition, barring any nonsense, through this next generation. Below are 5 of my picks for games I want to see appear on the PS5. Some will say they are all pipedreams but that's exactly what this article is all about. Naturally, I would love to see PlayStation hammer out many brand new IPs but additionally the choices I have made come from some of my favourite franchises that have not had much love in recent times.

1 | Superman

Since I was a kid I have always had an affinity for Superman. My father took me to the cinema to see Superman 4 when I was 5 years old and I can still remember it to this day. With that said, I, and no doubt others have been crying out for a "good' superman game for years. Superman 64 lives in the memory of many as one of the worst games ever created so I'd say it's high time that changed. Rumours of Rocksteady having a superman game in development have been circulating for a while now and I wish they would drop some information and put the fans out of their misery. I know I'd be extremely happy to know that the game is in the pipeline.

For me, the aspect of making superman vulnerable will be a key whilst also keeping with the idea that he has superhuman abilities. Making those abilities seem like they have the correct amount of punch or impact will be paramount to my enjoyment of the game. If picking up a car and throwing it feels too flimsy it just won't jive with me. God of War struck the balance perfectly, whereby Kratos had god-like powers that hit with the force you would associate them with. The impacts felt heavy and with the help of controller feedback and sound, it felt as if Kratos was really putting an immense amount of power into his shots. Likewise the damage he took felt as if it was hitting home and causing damage. Fingers crossed whoever brings superman to the fore, they nail it.

2 | Resistance 4

It has been a number of years, 13 to be exact since the "Resistance" started. Resistance: Fall of Man was a launch title with the PS3 and gained mainly positive review scores. With me, It wasn't until its sequel Resistance 2 did I get really invested in the series. Playing as Nathan Hale I battled through hordes of aliens big and small. It was a superb experience and the series highlight for me. The story and in many ways tragic ending really got to me and solidified my interest in the series moving forward. Part 3 was another solid entry and worthy of the Resistance name.

Resistance series last saw an entry on the PS Vita and seriously needs an outing during this coming 9th gen. In 2014 the creative director behind Resistance 3 Markus Smith stated that the studio (Insomniac) had a number of franchises under their umbrella and that more resistance games were not in their line of sight. This coupled with Insomniac CEO Ted Price saying that they "won't be making any more resistance games" doesn't fill me with much hope but this is very much a what-if list and I would be truly stoked if they or another studio pulled off another great resistance game.

Here's hoping insomniac games have something up their sleeves along with, hopefully, another spiderman game.

3 | Max Payne 4

I am a massive fan of Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. Gritty noir drama with the awesome bullet time to keep you company. For me, Max Payne 3 disappointed from a narrative perspective and got in the way of the action. Each scene felt as if it was stop/start. That said, the action scenes can sit firmly with some of the best looking and exciting that gaming has to offer. The bullet time is a just a joy and although it has been copied in other games, Max Payne does it better than most.

I would love another Max Payne title where Max returns to America and spends the entire game, perhaps, in a specific city. For me, the bullet time mechanics and a grand theft auto style open-world / city would be a superb way to go. Is it a pipe dream? Who knows. All I know is, I'd definitely love to get my hands on another Max Payne experience.

4 | Resident Evil 8 (Open World)

This is maybe more of a change in style much like Resident Evil 7 but I would love to see Resident Evil 8 move towards more of an open-world style game. A post-apocalyptic raccoon city where Ethan Winters, the hero of part 7, takes up the baton once again. Ethan would start on the outskirts of a devasted raccoon city, his mission, to solve further mysteries surrounding his wife's disappearance and the connection with Umbrella & Tricell. The city would obviously be overrun with all manner of nasties which would need to be avoided or taken out. I'm thinking a mash-up of The Division / Days Gone and Resident Evil 2. A third-person perspective is my favourite way to consume Resident Evil and I'd hope they would go this way again.

The horde mode was a successful part of Days Gone and something similar would be a welcome addition into the series. Again, much like MaxPayne 4, is it a pipe dream? At this stage, yes, but you never know.

5 | Dead Space 4

Continuing my love affair with pipe dreams my next choice would be another instalment in the Dead Space series. I adored all 3 previous games, each giving a different but sensational experience.

With Dead Space 4, I would like to see Isaac Clarke once more battle the Necromorphs but this time on earth. The expansion pack for Dead Space 3: Awakened points towards the Necromorphs having reached earth. This could obviously be taken with a pinch of salt due to Isaacs failing mental state. However, I would be more than happy for another space station or starship romp where Isaac and possibly others are trying to stop the Necromorphs from escaping the station or ship to get to earth.

Sanctum Bonus

Die Hard Trilogy VR

Die Hard Trilogy is one of my favourite PS1 games. The 3 games in one, was a masterstroke by Acclaim and indeed an insanely fun experience. Obviously moving in to this next-gen I would hope that technology would make Die-Hard Trilogy a slightly different take/experience on what went before.

Die-Hard trilogy would be best showcased on the Ps5 with Virtual Reality in my view. All three games could be amalgamated into one very large VR experience. I'm thinking Blood & Truth, Arizona Sunshine and Drive Club for each element of the trilogy. Those who have played the PS1 classic and the aforementioned VR games will know that it would at least be an interesting proposition to have the Die Hard Franchise take its place once more in the gaming landscape.

What are your 5 picks to appear during the 9th generation of gaming? Let The Sanctum know in the comments.

Phantom Knight

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