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5 Games - 5 Systems - Episode 1

5 Games - 5 Systems is a new series of articles/blog posts where the writers of "The Sanctum" weigh in with some of their favourite games across 5 separate game systems.

First up to the chopping block is Drowsy Knight.

1. Max Payne 2 PC

Maybe the first game I have played with a mature and meaningful story, Max Payne 2 was so much more than a video game to me. The dark and gritty world juxtaposed with the almost ballet-like firefights transported me into Max's world like no other game before it. The story respected your intelligence and wasn't afraid of showing you the darker side of being a hero. Max was flawed, rough around the edges, and the perfect conduit for the player to feel engaged. I remember playing it in my room in the dead of night, almost frightened to see what it would throw at me, but I could never drop my hands from my keyboard. People often talk about Mario, Zelda, and Final Fantasy as the games that shaped their gaming identity, but for me, it always comes back to Max Payne.

2. Grabbed by the Ghoulies XBOX

Ok, I know that this isn't the best game to represent the OG Xbox, but it is none the less one of my all-time favorites. Although a much more linear experience Grabbed by the Ghoulies still retains all the polish and charm, you would come to expect from Rare. Navigating the game's giant haunted mansion and beating the ever-loving piss out of all the "Ghoulies" is extremely fun. There were dozens of absurd weapons to find secrets to uncover and an excellent variety of enemies. While the game isn't very deep, it stays consistently entertaining.

3. Quantum Break Xbox One

Quantum Break might be the most criminally underrated video game from this generation. With an intense story and deep shooting mechanics, Quantum Break is a step up from most 3rd person shooters. The kinetic gameplay is perfectly complemented by a significant amount of time manipulation abilities you have at your disposal. They're not just fun to use but also super badass. What's most surprising was how well done the TV show aspect of Quantum break was. It received the same love and care as the main game resulting in a show that can rival most cable network offerings. Alone, each aspect of Quantum Break is great, but together they become something special.

4. Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception PS3

Uncharted 3 is better than Uncharted 2. There I said it deal with it. Its focus on Sully and Nate's relationship was the real star. Understanding the foundation of there relationship led the way to some incredible character moments between the two. The way Nate looks up to Sully and cares for his approval is something that is hugely relatable. The set pieces were enormous and offered a level of intensity no previous game in the series had. The action always got bigger, and the situations Drake found himself got more exciting to play. Often I found myself in shock that these moments were actually playable instead of the usual cut scene you see in a similar game. 

5. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus PS4

Going for a 3rd party game as my favourite PS4 game might be a little controversial, but I didn't want to be too obvious, and besides, Wolfenstein 2 might very well be my favourite game of the generation. For starters, Wolfenstein 2 has some of the best first-person shooting I have ever experienced. Each weapon feels so powerful, and blasting Nazi scumbags is insanely satisfying. Expert level design, coupled with an upgrade system that rewarded experimentation resulted in a diverse and well-paced gaming experience. More than anything, Wolfenstein 2 had a stellar Narrative. I felt like I was a true resistance fighter. The subject matter hit close to home, and it helped propel me into the shoes of BJ, making him way more than a fictitious character. Learning more about BJ's past was heartbreaking and beautiful and shaped him to be one of my favourite protagonists in gaming. The story perfectly blended horror, sci-fi, and comedy in a way that felt fresh and exciting. It may have dipped into the unbelievable at times, but it never pulled me out of the experience. I was in it to the glorious end.

Drowsy Knight

What are 5 of your favourite games across 5 systems?

let us know in the comments below.

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